Custom Covers for Outdoor Furniture

Stitching fabric

Tailored for the perfect fit.

Every furniture cover made by Couverture is custom fit for your specific piece, thanks to our database of over 12,000 patterns. If we do not have a pattern in stock, we will get the measurements and design a cover to fit. Not only does a custom cover look better, it protects better.

Each cover comes standard with Kevlar straps and self-release buckles to secure it to the furniture. We also provide plastic risers that sit between the cover and furniture’s flat surface, creating a “tent” to prevent the pooling of rainwater. Lastly, we can install zippers, elastic bottoms or pouches with weights to your preference.

Lead times are short—only 4 weeks from the day you order, ensuring that your new furniture will be covered when it arrives. Expedited shipping is available on demand.

Furniture cover with buckle
Fabric with zipper
Wood furniture, fabric cover, and riser

Our commitment to quality

The details matter. We are constantly looking for ways we can innovate. During this process, we developed the idea of using risers to add another layer of protection to outdoor wood furniture. Risers prevent the buildup of moisture between the surface of the furniture and the cover. If, for any reason, your riser breaks, we will replace it in order to maintain the high level of protection you expect.

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