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Custom Fit Outdoor Cushion Covers

Couverture flow-thru cushions are all custom made to fit your outdoor patio furniture. We can use your existing cushions as a template for our canvas. Choose from six different edge techniques, or create the cushion cover look that you desire for your outdoor patio and garden furniture.

Our Cushions are Made With the Highest Quality Flow-Thru Foam

Flow-thru, also known as reticulated or open-cell foam, is a specialized type of foam that is commonly used in outdoor furniture cushions due to its unique properties. It is named for its ability to allow water and other liquids to ‘flow through’ its seams, rather than absorbing them like traditional, closed-cell foam, essentially waterproofing it.

Structure and Properties of Flow-Thru Foam

Flow-thru foam has a unique structure, where the fiber cell walls are broken down to create a skeletal structure with open cells. This results in a very porous textile that allows for maximum drainage and air circulation.

This means that if your outdoor furniture cushions get wet, either from rain or from a spilled drink, the water will drain through the cushion rather than being absorbed into it. This makes the cushions dry out more quickly, preventing the growth of mold and mildew and helping to maintain the integrity of the foam.

Durability and Comfort

Despite its open structure, flow-thru foam is still quite durable and provides good support, making it comfortable for seating. The foam is resilient and able to maintain its shape over time, even with regular use.

Structure and Properties of Flow-Thru Foam

When it comes to cleaning, flow-thru foam can typically be rinsed with a mild soap and water solution. For deeper cleaning, the foam may be soaked in a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. After cleaning, the foam should be thoroughly rinsed and allowed to air dry.

Solution-Dyed Fabrics Used in Our Cushion Covers

Solution-dyed fabrics are made for outdoor use and do not fade in the sun. Choose from hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics, or supply your own outdoor fabric. 

Durability and Performance

Sunbrella fabrics are renowned for their exceptional durability. They are designed to resist fading, staining, and wear, even in harsh weather conditions or under heavy use. This means your cushions will maintain their vibrant color and quality for years to come.

UV and Weather Resistant

Sunbrella fabrics are solution-dyed. This means the color is added to the liquid polymer mixture before it is extruded into yarn, ensuring the color goes all the way through each fiber. The result is a textile that’s highly resistant to UV light and doesn’t fade or degrade in the sun – an essential quality for weather resistant outdoor furnishings.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Accidents happen, but with Sunbrella fabrics, they don’t have to be a big deal. Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean with a simple solution of bleach and water, which won’t damage the fabric or cause it to fade. This makes them a practical choice for busy households and high-traffic outdoor areas.

Comfort and Style

Sunbrella doesn’t compromise on comfort or style. These fabrics are soft to the touch, making them comfortable for seating. They also come in a wide range of solid colors and patterns, allowing us to create waterproof outdoor cushions that not only last but also fit your personal style and décor.

If you have existing cushions that are stained or faded, but the foam inside is good, we offer the option to replace only the outdoor cushion covers. This will save you money by not having to purchase new foam.

Gray fabric furniture cover

Waterfall, no welt

Gray fabric furniture cover

Knife edge, no welt

Gray furniture cover

Box, no welt

Gray with white accent furniture cover

Single welt

Gray with white accent furniture cover

Double welt

Gray with white accent furniture cover

Flat flange welt

Choose The Edge Style for Your Cushions

At Couverture, we offer a variety of edge techniques to suit every style and preference. Here’s more detail on each of our six options:

  1. Waterfall, No Welt: This style features a seamless flow of textile from the top to the bottom of the cushion. The waterfall technique hides the seam, allowing the fabric to ‘cascade’ over the edges, creating a clean and minimalistic look.
  2. Knife Edge, No Welt: The knife edge technique provides a sharp and tailored appearance. In this design, the top and bottom pieces of fabric are sewn together in the center of the cushion edges, creating a visible seam that runs around the length of the middle of the cushion’s thickness.
  3. Box, No Welt: The box edge technique results in a cushion with a more defined structure. It creates a vertical ‘wall’ of fabric around the height of the cushion, matching the thickness and length of the cushion, and resulting in a boxy look. This style is perfect for those who prefer a more modern and geometric aesthetic with dimension.
  4. Single Welt: The single welt style features a cord sewn along the seam where the top and bottom pieces of fabric meet. This cord, known as welting or piping, adds a tailored touch and helps define the cushion’s edges. Single welt cushions offer a classic and sophisticated look.
  5. Double Welt: In a double welt design, cords are sewn around both the top and bottom edges of the textile on the cushion. Most commonly used with a box edge, the double welt technique adds a layer of sophistication and detail, making the cushion more visually appealing and durable.
  6. Flat Flange Welt: The flat flange welt style features a flat strip of fabric (flange) sewn along the seam around the cushion. Unlike a corded welt, the flange lies flat, creating a casual and relaxed look that’s perfect for informal settings or for adding a touch of whimsy.

With these options, you can create custom outdoor cushion covers that perfectly match your outdoor or patio space and personal style. If you’re not sure which edge technique or textile is right for you, our team is here to help guide you through the process.

Custom Outdoor Cushion Fabric Covers Inspiration Gallery

Our Inspiration Gallery is a curated collection of past projects showcasing our custom-made waterproof outdoor cushions in a variety of settings. These photos feature different styles, fabrics, and edge techniques, and highlight the diversity and quality of our work.

Get ideas for your own outdoor or patio space and see the potential of a custom cushion design, and to experience the craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into every Couverture cushion. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary aesthetic, our Inspiration Gallery is sure to spark your imagination and help you visualize the possibilities for your own custom-designed cushions.

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