Outdoor furniture soaked in water after a rainstorm.

Use Waterproof Covers on Custom-Made Outdoor Furniture for Protection Against Rain and Snow

If you live in a region that experiences frequent rainfall, snow, ice, and other harsh weather conditions, your outdoor furniture could suffer. Waterproof covers are a must-have for any outdoor furniture you own. Without them, you might lose years with your favorite outdoor pieces.

Don’t skimp on your outdoor furniture’s protection and care. Learn why waterproof covers are so important, especially in areas that experience rain and snow.

How Water Damages Outdoor Furniture

You might think outdoor furniture is fine without special coverings or barriers. After all, they are made to be outdoors, right? The truth is a little more complicated — you need waterproof covers to extend the lifespan of your furniture.

Moisture can create many problems for any type of furniture, but outdoor furniture is especially vulnerable. When you leave furniture outdoors year-round, it can collect water, mold, and mildew. You might not know this has happened until it’s too late. The last thing you want is to lose your patio pieces to water damage.

Humidity is another big problem when it comes to outdoor furniture damage. Moisture in the air can still cause problems like mildew and rotting, especially in wood and cloth materials on outdoor furniture.

Water damage shortens the lifespan of your outdoor furniture considerably. The smartest choice is to use high-quality waterproof covers for your outdoor pieces.

Waterproof Covers: The Comprehensive Solution to Water Damage

Waterproof covers are designed to keep moisture from seeping through the cover and onto your outdoor furniture. However, when you use a low-quality plastic furniture cover, your problems could worsen. The right waterproof covers will effectively protect your furniture and be mildew-resistant all year long.

Block Water and Moisture Collection

Waterproof outdoor furniture covers prevent water from collecting and absorbing into cloth, wood, and other types of outdoor furniture. You always need to block water absorption because once moisture has absorbed into your furniture, you may be unable to reverse the damage.

Prevent Rotting and Mildew

Mildew and mold build-up when excess moisture creates the perfect environment for fungus to thrive. You may not know that your furniture has mildew for several months or even years — meanwhile, it actively harms your health.

Mold and mildew exposure is linked to various illnesses and immune system problems. It’s best to avoid any exposure to these harmful substances, and that’s where our waterproof furniture covers come in.

Protect Furniture During the Winter

Winter is a season full of snow, ice, and sleet in some regions of the world. When it comes to outdoor furniture protection, you want the highest quality waterproof covers possible.
It’s not always an option to move furniture indoors every winter; sometimes, bouts of snow pop up unexpectedly. Instead of stressing about rearranging your patio, simply use one of our custom high-quality waterproof furniture covers. You won’t regret it.

Keep Out Harmful UV Rays

Water isn’t the only culprit of outdoor furniture damage. UV rays can degrade your outdoor furniture over the months and years, especially if you live in a sweltering climate. Combined with humidity and poorly fitted covers, sun damage can quickly ruin your furniture’s lifespan.

What to Look for: High-Quality Waterproof Covers

Our waterproof furniture covers are designed to combat the elements so your outdoor furniture can last for several years. Quality is what we do, and we’re proud to produce the best custom furniture covers on the market.

Our covers are set apart from others because we customize each furniture cover to suit your needs. Instead of using mass-produced covers made of poor-quality materials (like plastic), opt for one of our long-lasting waterproof covers.

We offer several materials for our covers that match the environment and use of your outdoor furniture. For example, waterproof covers are best for people who live in wet, humid, or cold climates. You face more rain and snow than in other parts of the world, and you need the appropriate cover for your furniture.

Our customized covers are designed to fit your outdoor furniture perfectly using the measurements and specifications you give us. We work hard to protect your furniture during all seasons and weather conditions.

We include zippers, pouches, and buckles that make using our covers convenient and simple. You can choose the design of your furniture covers, making them perfect for your set of outdoor furniture.

Get High-Quality Waterproof Covers from Couverture Covers

Order one of our customized waterproof covers tailored to your furniture’s dimensions today!

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