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Elevate Your Outdoor Comfort: Crafting Custom Cushions for Patio Furniture

Your outdoor furniture is made for you to relax, lounge, and enjoy your time in nature. When you buy a new piece or full outdoor furniture set, you might not think much about the cushions. However, custom-made cushions can upgrade the appearance and comfort of your outdoor spaces more than you might think.

Our custom-made cushions for outdoor furniture elevate the aesthetic of your patio and other natural spaces. Custom cushions are just what your outdoor spaces need if you want a high-class, luxurious look.

Why You Need Custom-Made Cushions

Most outdoor furniture pieces come with generic cushions. Without custom-made cushions from Couverture Covers, however, you don’t have the option to customize and decorate your outdoor spaces. Learn why our custom-made cushions serve your outdoor furniture better than any other cushions.

100+ Colors and Patterns

Our outdoor cushion covers come in hundreds of colors, patterns, and styles to match your aesthetic. We use a special solution dye that doesn’t fade or break down with UV exposure. This means the sun won’t fade your delightful outdoor cushions!

Flow-Thru Foam Material

We craft each custom-made cushion with flow-thru foam, a specialized filling that prevents moisture from absorbing into the cushion. This means water and other liquids will flow through your cushions instead of building up mildew and mold. Thanks to our flow-thru foam material, our cushions are almost fully waterproof.

Comfortable Seating

Flow-thru foam is incredibly durable and holds its shape over time. You don’t have to worry about our cushions flattening or becoming uncomfortable with wear and tear. With our custom-made cushions, you can enjoy comfortable seating year-round.

Easy to Clean

Some generic cushions are difficult to clean because they absorb excess moisture. Our flow-thru foam cushions make maintaining outdoor furniture easy — all you have to do is rinse your cushions with soap and water. The breathable materials evaporate the extra moisture in no time!

How to Get the Custom-Made Cushions of Your Dreams

Our ordering process is easy and convenient. We understand you’re busy and want to get a head start on enjoying your outdoor furniture. That’s why we have pared the ordering process down to a few simple steps.

Step 1: Measure Your Outdoor Pieces

Measuring your pieces is the first step in getting premium custom-made cushions for your outdoor furniture. It’s important to ensure your measurements are accurate, so we recommend taking them twice per piece.

Include these dimensions in your order notes:

  • Height: Measure from the base of the seat to the desired top of your cushions
  • Width: Make arm-to-arm measurements (measure from left to right)
  • Depth: Measure from the front of each seat to the back of each seat
  • Backside: Measure from the base (seating plane) to the top of the back of each piece

Depending on your furniture type, you may not need to include backside measurements. If you’re only ordering seating cushions without back support, skip this measurement.

Step 2: Choose Your Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella fabrics are great for weather resistance and durability. We have over 100 options in our catalog for custom-made cushion Sunbrella fabrics. All Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean and won’t fade in the sun. Browse through our catalog and see which fabric works best with your lifestyle.

Step 3: Choose Your Edge Style

The edges of your cushions contribute to the overall appearance of your outdoor furniture pieces. We have six different edge styles to choose from, allowing for total customization. When you evaluate your outdoor pieces, make sure you keep edge styles in mind.

Step 4: Place Your Custom Order

Once you have the logistics figured out, it’s time to place your order! Our excellent customer service team can help you with any questions you have during the ordering process. We can’t wait for you to get your custom-made cushions and enjoy your outdoor furniture!

The Unique Benefits of Couverture Covers Cushions

Why choose Couverture Covers for your outdoor cushions? The answer is simple: We offer the aesthetics you crave but never compromise on durability and functionality. You can have it all with our custom outdoor cushions.

Some of the advantages of our cushions include:

  • Waterproof materials
  • Stain-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Diverse colors, patterns, and styles
  • Fully customized ordering process
  • Accurate dimensions and tailoring
  • High-quality seams
  • Attention to detail

There’s no better place to find customized cushions for your outdoor patio furniture.

Order Your Custom Outdoor Cushions Today

It’s the season to start planning your outdoor lounging experience, and you can do that with Couverture Covers. Our custom, handcrafted cushions are perfect for almost any piece of outdoor furniture. Request a quote today!

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