An outdoor furniture piece covered in snow after being left outside without a cover.

Custom Covers vs. Winter Tarps: Which Is the Best Option for Your Outdoor Furniture?

As the colder months approach, it’s important to think about how you’ll protect your outdoor furniture. For most families, it’s not practical to store these furniture pieces indoors. Instead, you’ll need something to keep moisture and debris out.

Opting for cheap winter tarps might be tempting — what’s the harm? The truth is that winter tarps don’t offer the furniture protection your high-end pieces need.

Outdoor furniture custom covers from Couverture Covers do, and we’re here to help you select the best ones for your pieces. Learn why our covers are the best option for your patio furniture this winter.

The Dangers of Winter Weather for Your Outdoor Furniture

Wintertime can be harmful to even the most durable outdoor furniture. Rain, snow, sleet, and other harsh weather can warp and ruin your pieces. Excess moisture builds up, creating mold, mildew, and other toxic compounds.

Additionally, if there are strong winds, your furniture can blow around or collect debris from the environment. This spells bad news for the lifespan of your most elite outdoor furniture pieces.

Generic covers generally don’t work well to protect your outdoor furniture. If you want to extend the life span of your beloved outdoor pieces, you need high-quality outdoor furniture custom covers.

Why Tarps and Other Cheap Coverings Don’t Work

Using cheap coverings for outdoor furniture might save a few bucks, but it’s not worth it in the long run. Don’t skip out on high-quality covers for your outdoor furniture this season.

Inadequate Weather Protection

Winter tarps and similar products don’t have the waterproofing features necessary to protect your pieces. They aren’t custom-made to fit your furniture, so debris can still reach your pieces even if they keep moisture out.

Hard to Secure

It can be hard to secure tarps and ensure that wind, rain, ice, and snow don’t blow them out of place. Our outdoor furniture custom covers are extremely secure and resistant to jostling from the wind. This means you can rest assured all winter long, knowing your pieces are protected 24/7.

Poor Design and Aesthetics

Winter tarps are unsightly. They can distract from the modern aesthetic you’re going for on your patio or other outdoor lounging space. These types of coverings often look cheap and, in turn, cheapen the appearance of your home.

Why You Should Choose Our Outdoor Furniture Custom Covers

Outdoor furniture custom covers are designed for your unique furniture pieces. This means the dimensions, fabrics, and fine details are perfectly fitted to each piece you own. You never have to worry about inadequate protection or ill-fitting covers with Couverture Covers.

12,000+ Custom Colors and Patterns

When you choose Couverture Covers, you get access to our large catalog of patterns and styles. You can tailor your outdoor furniture custom covers to the aesthetic you’re going for in your outdoor spaces. From solid colors to elaborate patterns, we have everything you need to upgrade your patio — even in the wintertime!

3 Premium Weatherproof Materials

You can choose among three of the finest materials available for weatherproofing your outdoor furniture. We offer Breathable, Hybrid, or 100% Waterproof covers to meet your needs.

Our Breathable outdoor furniture custom covers are ideal for sunny, dry climates. These aren’t the best option for snowy winters, but they can work wonders for summertime protection.

Do you live somewhere with lots of rain and mixed precipitation? Our Hybrid covers allow air to flow through your furniture, evaporating excess moisture. This high-quality material offers the perfect amount of breathability and moisture protection all in one.

Those who live in regions with harsh winter weather should consider our 100% Waterproof covers. These covers offer optimal protection against wind, ice, snow, and other tough weather conditions. Your furniture will remain in great shape as the weather rages outside.

Custom-Fitted to Your Outdoor Pieces

Our custom outdoor furniture covers are designed to match your furniture’s dimensions perfectly. We ask for accurate measurements during the ordering process. We then tailor your custom covers to your pieces using these measurements. This process ensures that your furniture remains protected and secure throughout the winter.

High-Quality Custom Outdoor Covers From Couverture Covers

At Couverture Covers, we’re dedicated to quality and fine details. We focus our full attention on every step of the customization process — and we make the ordering process easy so you can simply enjoy this winter without worrying about your high-end pieces. Request a quote for our outdoor furniture custom covers today!

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