Outdoor furniture under direct sunlight during the summer months.

How UV-Resistant, Custom-Made, Breathable Covers Can Protect Your Furniture From Harsh Sun Rays

The sun is a beautiful thing. It provides light and life to our planet. However, when it comes to outdoor furniture, the sun can be destructive and a hassle. Breathable covers can change the game for outdoor furniture this summer.

Most people think about wind, rain, snow, and hail when considering outdoor furniture wear and tear. However, UV rays can fade and damage your furniture faster than you might think.

Here’s what you need to know about breathable covers for your outdoor furniture, including why you need them and where to get them.

Outdoor Furniture and Sun Damage

Some people believe the sun is beneficial for their outdoor furniture. It makes sense; you’d want your furniture to dry out after a rainstorm or other wet weather conditions. While the sun can dry out any extra moisture in wood and cloth, it can also do lots of harm.

UV rays are some of the planet’s most damaging rays of light. You probably know they can harm your skin, which is why you should wear sunscreen outdoors. But your patio furniture is no exception – UV rays can shorten the life of your furniture considerably.

Shortened Furniture Lifespan

Sunlight fades wood, cloth, and even plastic furniture. Over time, the more sun exposure your outdoor furniture gets, the more likely it is to break down and look older than it really is.

This isn’t ideal when trying to curate the perfect outdoor space.

Heat Damage and Warped Furniture

Heat damage is very real, too. Plastic outdoor furniture is at risk for melting, warping, and other heat-related problems. Metal and wood furniture can become scorching hot to the touch, which prevents you from enjoying your outdoor furniture in the first place.

So how do you combat excessive sun damage and heat problems with your outdoor furniture? Breathable covers are the answer.

What Breathable Covers Can Do for Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture covers have numerous benefits. It might seem strange to cover furniture that is made to be outdoors, but trust us — you’ll thank yourself later.

Breathable covers for outdoor furniture protect your pieces from all kinds of damage and wear and tear, extending their life considerably. While they allow plenty of airflow and general breathability, they also keep out the bad stuff. Dirt, debris, dust, and mold can all thrive in outdoor furniture without breathable covers.

UV-resistant breathable covers for outdoor furniture directly block the sun’s harmful rays. This means your furniture won’t become damaged or faded because of sun exposure — the cover protects the furniture as long as it’s used properly.

Outdoor furniture covers can also make your furniture more comfortable. Blocking excess sunlight keeps your seat cushions cool and dry, giving you and your guests enjoyable outdoor experiences year-round.

How to Find the Perfect Outdoor Furniture Breathable Covers

Navigating the world of furniture covers doesn’t have to be confusing. Follow this guide to find the best UV-resistant, breathable covers for your outdoor furniture.

Measure Your Furniture

Make sure you know the exact dimensions of your outdoor furniture. This is important because ill-fitting covers won’t do the job correctly. You need hand-tailored custom furniture covers to protect your outdoor pieces from the elements, and that’s where we come in.

Learn About the Best Furniture Cover Materials

Avoid plastic covers at all costs — they are not truly weatherproof and can create more problems later on. Plastic furniture covers create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow and thrive.

Our high-quality, durable furniture covers are made from weatherproof materials that block sun rays, moisture, and debris from working their way into your outdoor furniture. Investing in quality weatherproof covers protects your furniture and wallet in the long run.

Order Custom-Made Furniture Covers

Our custom-made breathable covers are tailored to your furniture’s dimensions and materials. You can’t always find the specifics you need in mass-produced furniture covers — that’s why we work with you to make exactly what you need.

We curate each cover with convenient straps and buckles to make outdoor furniture protection as easy as possible. There are no confusing steps or tangled materials — all you have to do is unbox your breathable covers and place them over your furniture.

Our weatherproof covers keep out rain, snow, dust, dirt, mold, and damaging sun rays. With this comprehensive furniture protection, you never have to worry about losing years off the lifespan of your furniture. You simply cover your pieces up and let our high-quality covers do the work for you.

Order Your Custom Breathable Covers Today

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