A close up of a water-resistant fabric used on an outdoor furniture cover.

The Importance of Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture: Why Waterproof Covers Are Essential

If you’ve just revamped your patio or other outdoor spaces with brand-new furniture, listen up. You will need waterproof outdoor furniture covers to protect your pieces from weather and sun damage.

Waterproof outdoor furniture covers are a must-have if you want to maintain an enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Here’s why these covers are so important for your outdoor furniture.

Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers Keep Moisture Out

Most outdoor furniture is made with some type of cloth. Certain pieces include wood materials that aren’t waterproof. This is why waterproof outdoor furniture covers are so important: you must protect these high-quality materials.

Regarding the great outdoors, we all know that rain, hail, snow, and sleet are unforgiving. You can’t always predict what the sky will do next, but you can keep your outdoor furniture prepared for the worst weather conditions.

Waterproof outdoor furniture covers contain special materials that block water molecules from penetrating the cover and seeping into your furniture’s cushions and wood.

By using waterproof covers for outdoor furniture, you can prevent:

  • Water stains
  • Rot
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Undesirable textures
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Warped furniture

These problems are very real for outdoor furniture, and you can prevent them by using a waterproof polyester or PVC cover.

Some Covers Block UV Rays and Prevent Sun Bleaching

Finding the right waterproof outdoor furniture covers means considering the effects of the sun. UV rays can harm human skin, but did you know they can also hurt your outdoor furniture? Over time, the sun’s rays will fade your furniture, especially colorful cushions made from cloth materials. Sun bleaching is a possibility as well.

Some outdoor furniture materials weaken with repeated sun exposure. If you live in a very hot, sunny climate, getting outdoor furniture covers that block UV rays is important. Make sure to look for “sunproof” or “UV-resistant” labels on the cover packaging.

Avoid Freeze Damage During Colder Months

When you live in a colder climate, your outdoor furniture becomes susceptible to freeze damage as the weather cools down each fall and winter. This occurs when trapped moisture reaches the freezing point of water inside your outdoor furniture pieces.

As a result, the frames of your furniture pieces could crack, split, or otherwise be compromised. Maintaining the structural integrity of your outdoor furniture is important to keep it safe and usable.

Some outdoor furniture covers protect against freezing and water damage, which prevents freeze damage by default. Don’t skimp on your outdoor furniture covers if you live somewhere that gets really cold; you’ll regret it.

You Can’t Always Put Furniture Away

So why use outdoor furniture covers instead of simply putting the pieces away during bad weather or cold seasons? The answer is simple: not everyone can store their furniture indoors seasonally.

Some people store outdoor furniture in garages, storage units, or inside their homes when the weather changes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space or strength to do this. That’s where outdoor furniture covers come in.

Instead of stressing about finding extra storage for your high-quality outdoor furniture, you can turn to covers. Using durable, high-quality furniture covers will keep moisture, sun rays, and dust out of your pieces. This allows you to maintain the aesthetics and function of your furniture.

Covers Are More Convenient

Even if you have the space and ability to store your furniture elsewhere each season, quite a bit of work is involved. Moving outdoor furniture requires time, hassle, and physical strength, all of which are precious resources.

Instead of worrying about repositioning and storing your furniture away, you can simply place the covers over your pieces and be done with the process. What’s more convenient than that?

Covers Increase Your Furniture’s Lifespan

When you make a big purchase, like outdoor furniture, you want it to last as long as possible. That’s understandable, and it’s entirely possible with waterproof outdoor furniture covers.

Here we’ve covered the types of damage that can affect your outdoor furniture and shown that using covers is the best and easiest way to extend your furniture’s lifespan. Your furniture will last longer, look better, and remain structurally sound for years to come if you use high-quality furniture covers.

Couverture Covers: Custom Outdoor Furniture Covers to Meet Your Needs

The easiest solution to outdoor furniture damage is to use Couverture Covers! We design custom outdoor furniture covers to protect your pieces from water, sun, and other weather-related wear and tear. Request a quote for your outdoor furniture today.

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