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Preparing Your Patio for Fall and the Importance of Furniture Covers

The leaves are starting to get crisp, apple cider is flowing everywhere, and you feel a cool breeze every time you step outside. You know that fall is right around the corner, and you’re prepared.

What about your patio furniture, though? It’s easy to overlook outdoor furniture care when focused on the upcoming season’s joys. However, your patio furniture needs protection from the elements year-round.

Learn how custom furniture covers can help you prep your patio for fall — and why they’re so important.

What’s the Big Deal About Fall and Outdoor Furniture?

Covering your patio furniture as soon as autumn hits might seem excessive. After all, there’s likely no snow, sleet, or hail yet. Depending on where you live, however, other autumn weather conditions may degrade the quality of your patio furniture.

During the fall season, leaves swirl around in the air, seeds blow in different directions, and dust collects on outdoor items. These conditions make it essential to protect your outdoor furniture.

Additionally, you might spend less time outdoors enjoying your patio furniture during the fall. You’ll likely host fewer outdoor gatherings as the weather creeps from chilly to cold. This means that your patio furniture is just sitting there unused — and the elements can take their toll on your prized pieces.

Custom furniture covers are the best option for outdoor furniture protection in the fall. You can get the exact size, material, and closures you want without much hassle.

Protecting Wood and Metal Outdoor Furniture

As fall draws nearer, you should start to think about what your outdoor patio furniture is made of. Certain materials wear out faster than others, but with proper fall patio protection, you can extend the life span of every piece.

Wood and metal patio furniture have different needs when it comes to prepping for fall weather. However, both require breathable, waterproof outdoor furniture covers in order to protect them from elements like rain or snow.

Saving Your Patio Furniture From Fall Weather

Custom furniture covers are your best bet for keeping furniture cushions and other components safe from fall weather. Whether you’re storing your patio furniture indoors this fall or keeping it all outside, you should still use furniture covers.

Our wide selection of custom furniture covers meets all of your furniture protection needs at fair prices. You’re free to choose the best materials to protect each patio furniture piece — including waterproof and machine-washable covers.

Choosing the Right Materials: Custom Furniture Covers

Custom furniture covers make protecting patio furniture in the fall a breeze. We make every cover to order, which means that you never get mass-produced, ineffective covers. This custom-fit is essential for protecting the life span of your outdoor furniture.

We offer breathable, waterproof, and hybrid covers to suit your needs.

Depending on where you live, you may need several types of covers. Some furniture works best with breathable covers, especially if your area doesn’t get a lot of rain or hail.
On the other hand, waterproof covers are essential for wet, humid areas. Our hybrid covers offer the best of both worlds so that you can enjoy your patio furniture for years to come.

Custom Colors and Sizes

Since our custom furniture covers are made to order, we’ll ask for the dimensions of your furniture. We then create the covers with your exact specifications in mind. You’ll choose the color of each custom furniture cover you order.

We are passionate about transforming your outdoor spaces while protecting your precious possessions. And we know that you want your covers to match your desired aesthetic and color scheme — that’s what we’re here for!

Order Custom Furniture Covers This Fall From Couverture Covers

We make the ordering process simple and hassle-free so that you can always get the exact product you want and need. Additionally, each of our custom furniture covers comes with a three-year warranty.

Order custom furniture covers to protect your patio furniture this fall!

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