Outdoor patio furniture placed in the backyard during the summer.

The Benefits of Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers: Why You Need Them for Your Patio Furniture

Your furniture makes your house a home. And if you’re fortunate enough to have an outdoor living space, your outdoor furniture adds infinitely to how much you enjoy your time at home.

Furniture, especially high-end furniture, is often easily damaged. Why risk leaving your outdoor furniture unprotected in the rain?

It’s certainly true that weather damages outdoor pieces, but you don’t need to leave your furniture to fate. A waterproof outdoor furniture cover can make a world of difference in protecting a treasured item, saving you money, time, and grief. Here are a few reasons to think about a waterproof outdoor furniture cover.

UV Radiation and High Heat Conditions

All furniture is vulnerable to damage from UV radiation and high heat. UV radiation and heat fade the colors of wood and cloth and can also cause plastic furniture to crack and break easily. A good-quality waterproof outdoor furniture cover can prevent fading and keep plastic furniture at a regulated temperature.

Sun damage can also cause natural wicker and iron furniture to deteriorate rapidly, and large umbrellas are especially vulnerable to fading. A good furniture cover can prevent all sun damage.

Moisture-Heavy Conditions

Natural wicker is uniquely prone to rain damage, while wood absorbs moisture and expands over time. If wood furniture absorbs moisture and remains outside in freezing weather, it could crack and even break. And for iron furniture, rust is always a risk.

Moisture-heavy conditions can damage most types of furniture, so you’ll need a waterproof furniture cover in order to avoid the elements.

Waterproofing is especially important during the humid, rainy spring and summer months. A quality cover will provide peace of mind and last for years, allowing you to enjoy the warm weather from the comfort of your patio or deck.

Mold, Pests, Dust, and Debris

It’s not just the weather that can damage your outdoor furniture. While typical weather conditions can prove ruinous to uncovered furniture, the great outdoors presents plenty of other risks to your treasured pieces.

Dust discolors clothes and furniture rapidly, while mold warps furniture (especially wood furniture) over time. Mold also makes your furniture less durable, so it will be liable to fall apart much more quickly than it would otherwise.

Debris is difficult, sometimes impossible, to entirely clean up, while mushrooms and other fungi can grow in furniture pieces that have trapped moisture.

Perhaps most notably, cloth furniture can attract fleas. If you have a pet or any stray animals lurking around your house, a flea on the animal can easily jump onto a piece of cloth furniture. When you sit on the furniture, the flea can transfer to your clothes and travel into your house. Just two or more fleas can cause an infestation.

Imagine your guests returning home after a dinner party and realizing they’re covered in flea bites. A waterproof outdoor furniture cover can provide your cloth furniture with foolproof protection from insect infestations, mold, debris, and other nasties that threaten not only the durability of your pieces but also the hygiene and health of your home.

Protect the Pillows

There’s nothing better than resting on a comfy patio pillow on a warm summer evening, reading a book with a lemonade in hand. That kind of experience is why you invested in quality, high-end outdoor furniture! Unfortunately, uncovered furniture can ruin your summer dreams.

Moldy or moisture-sodden outdoor pillows can also be dangerous and unhygienic. Waterproof covers can protect you and your loved ones (and your guests!) from infestation, creepy crawlies, and even illness.

Your pillows deserve to pop, no matter what color they are. Some pillows are more delicate, but all outdoor pillows are vulnerable to fading, water damage, mold, and all manner of harm. Fortunately, you can prevent these risks with carefully selected, high-quality waterproof outdoor furniture covers.

Buy a Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Cover at Couverture Covers Today

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside, and you deserve to keep using your favorite pieces for as long as possible. At Couverture Covers, we provide superior protection for your high-end furniture and fine furnishings.

Not only do we value design, but we also value quality and durability. That’s why we design our covers to withstand even harsh weather conditions. Each cover blocks 95% of moisture, UV radiation, and pollutants.

You deserve to rest easy, and you deserve to do it on your patio. If you want to keep your furniture beautiful and make it last a lifetime, visit our website today.

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