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The Importance of Proper Sizing and Measurements for Your Custom Outdoor Covers

While ordering from our custom outdoor furniture covers is easy, having the right measurements is important. We want your covers to protect your pieces for as long as possible, meaning accurate measurements are key.

If you’re having difficulty getting the proper measurements for your custom outdoor furniture covers, we’re here to help. Follow this guide to understand why proper measurements are necessary and learn how to get them.

What Happens if Your Measurements Are Off?

When you order custom outdoor furniture covers with us, we ask for the dimensions of your pieces. This step serves a fundamental purpose: ensuring your covers fit properly. Ill-fitting covers can cause your furniture to suffer from wear and tear due to weather conditions.

If your measurements and sizing are inaccurate or unreliable, you may end up with custom outdoor furniture covers that are too big or too small. These problems can contribute to unnecessary furniture damage and a less-polished aesthetic in your outdoor space.

Additionally, some materials need a snug fit to work properly. For example, our breathable fabric allows plenty of airflow and keeps your outdoor furniture dry. If the breathable cover doesn’t fit properly, your furniture won’t get the airflow it needs.

Accurately Measuring Your Outdoor Furniture: Tips and Tricks

You know that accurate measurements are important, but what is the best way to obtain these measurements? Here are some tips for gathering furniture dimensions and sizing for your custom outdoor furniture covers.

Record Each Measurement Immediately

Don’t wait until the end of the process to write down your measurements. There’s a good chance you’ll misremember a number or two — or you might forget a measurement and have to do it again. Instead, record the measurements on a piece of paper right after you take them, or have someone else write them down for you.

Use a Tape Measure

Tape measures work best for measuring outdoor furniture. We highly recommend using a sturdier tool than a ribbon tape measure; retractable tape measures will more accurately capture the dimensions of your pieces. If you use a ribbon tape measure, make sure to measure everything in a straight line.

Include Depth Measurements

Many forget to measure depth, width, height, and length. When measuring outdoor furniture, it’s essential to capture the depth of each section — this will affect the sizes and shapes of your custom outdoor furniture covers.

Measure Pieces More Than Once

Measuring twice or more will help you capture more accurate measurements for your outdoor furniture. It’s best to confirm that the first measurement is correct by measuring again — or even asking another person to do it for you. The more reliable your measurements are, the better your custom outdoor furniture covers will fit.

Consider the Shape of Your Furniture

Each piece of furniture has a unique shape. When you send us your measurements, it’s important to consider the overall shape of your pieces. We can use this information to curate the best custom outdoor furniture covers possible for you.

What to Do if You Send Us the Wrong Measurements

Mistakes happen, and we’re very understanding. Our top priority is to deliver the best-fitting custom outdoor furniture covers to your door. If you made errors in your original measurements when you placed your order, our customer service team is here to help.

You can reach us by email, phone, or the chat feature on our website. Our associates are ready to help you, and we are happy to modify your order once you’ve realized there is a mistake in your measurements!

How to Choose the Best Cover Materials

We offer three outdoor furniture cover materials: breathable, waterproof, and hybrid. These materials serve to protect outdoor furniture in varying weather conditions. Depending on your local weather patterns and the pieces you’re trying to protect, you may need more than one material.

Think about how often it rains, sleets, snows, and hails in your area. Would waterproof covers best protect your pieces? If you live in a humid area, breathable covers might be a better solution because they allow moisture to evaporate.

No matter which materials you choose, we’re always here to help with the selection process.

Choose Couverture Covers for Your Outdoor Custom Furniture Covers

Send us your measurements so we can create the best outdoor custom furniture covers that suit your needs — and your style!

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