A waterproof furniture cover with water droplets on the fabric.

The Science Behind Waterproofing: How Outdoor Furniture Covers Repel Rain and Snow

If you have outdoor lounging space, chances are your furniture stays outside — rain or shine. However, if your furniture is unprotected, excess moisture can cause problems in the future. Waterproofing your outdoor pieces is essential to maintaining their longevity.

Our custom covers are here to save your outdoor furniture no matter the weather. Find out how waterproof technology works to protect your pieces from weather damage.

What Happens to Outdoor Furniture in Rainy, Snowy, and Icy Conditions?

You might think your outdoor furniture is built to withstand all weather conditions. This isn’t true, and your pieces won’t last as long if you bet on this. When outdoor furniture is exposed to moisture, particularly rain, snow, and ice, it starts to wear out.

Wooden Pieces

Wooden furniture absorbs moisture and can become warped, bent, or broken. This is especially true during cold winters when water droplets can freeze and break apart wooden structures. Wood is also susceptible to rotting over time.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture needs to be protected just as much as wooden pieces do. After repeated exposure to wet weather conditions, the metal starts to rust. This takes away from the sleek aesthetic of your outdoor space and compromises the quality of the furniture.

Cushions and Cloth

Outdoor cushions and other cloth pieces quickly gather mold and mildew in wet weather. Mold poses a serious health risk to children, adults, and pets. It’s important to prevent mold and mildew buildup using a high-quality waterproof furniture cover.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant: What’s the Difference?

Waterproof outdoor furniture covers create a solid barrier between your furniture and the outside world. This means that no water droplets pass through the cover onto your pieces. Water resistance, however, is a bit different.

Breathable outdoor furniture covers can be water-resistant, which means they may let a small amount of moisture through, but light rain will bead up on the surface and roll off. They could be enough to protect your furniture in many outdoor conditions, and these outdoor furniture covers also allow airflow and moisture evaporation to prevent buildup.

Which Material Should You Choose?

Waterproof outdoor furniture covers work best when it comes to extremely rainy, snowy, or icy climates. Water-resistant covers may not keep enough moisture out of your furniture, leading to mold and mildew problems.

How Do Waterproof Furniture Covers Work So Well?

The waterproof technology in our outdoor furniture covers prevents water droplets from seeping into your furniture. You don’t have to worry about rust, warping, or mold when you cover your pieces with our custom waterproof covers.

Our high-quality outdoor furniture covers are sealed against rain, snow, and ice. The materials we use create a strong barrier that repels water, which makes it pool on the surface rather than absorb into the cover. Any furniture underneath the cover will remain safe from water damage.

When the sun comes back out, the water collected on the cover can simply evaporate into the air. Your wood, metal, and cloth furniture pieces can stay free of mold and mildew this way.

Customizing Your Outdoor Furniture Covers

We offer a highly specialized custom ordering process for outdoor furniture covers. You get to choose the fabrics, colors, patterns, and dimensions of each cover. Our customized furniture covers ensure that each piece of furniture stays protected in all weather conditions.

Fabric Choices: Waterproof, Hybrid, or Breathable

We have three different fabrics that offer different levels of water damage protection. Our 100% waterproof fabric works best for wet and cold climates. If you experience harsh winters and heavy rain, you need a fully waterproof outdoor furniture cover.

On the other hand, sunnier regions might not get as much rain or snow. Our hybrid furniture covers provide 100% water protection on the top and breathability on the sides. This allows moisture to evaporate quickly after a storm.

Our breathable covers are for low-precipitation areas. They mostly protect your pieces from UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Your Choice of Colors and Patterns

We have over 12,000 patterns to choose from. We tailor each custom furniture cover to match your dimensions and desired aesthetic. When it comes to outdoor furniture personalization, we have you covered!

Secure Straps and Buckles

Along with zippers and elastic closures, we equip every furniture cover with straps and buckles. These fixtures secure the cover over each piece of furniture to ensure it doesn’t move or come loose. In harsh weather, this will help extend the lifespan of your furniture.

Get the Best Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers From Couverture Covers

We make the ordering process easy and customizable for your needs. Place your order with us today!

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