A piece of patio furniture protected from the snow by a custom outdoor furniture cover.

Tips to Properly Winterize Your Outdoor Space with Custom Covers for Fall and Winter

As we get deeper into the cold season, it’s time to think about your outdoor spaces. How can you “winterize” your patio and outdoor entertaining spaces to protect them from the weather?
With custom covers for your outdoor furniture, this is possible to achieve. Learn how custom covers for weather protection can help you maintain your outdoor furniture.

How Colder Weather Conditions Affect Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor spaces are used for entertaining guests and lounging during the warmer months. However, temperatures dip during the fall and winter, and weather conditions change.
You might think leaving your furniture uncovered all seasons is no big deal. After all, it’s made to be outside, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your outdoor furniture needs custom covers for optimal weather protection during the cooler months.

Leaves, Dust, and Debris

During the fall, trees start shedding their leaves, and seeds start flying around. Dust and debris can easily build up on your outdoor furniture, leaving it dirty and full of allergens. If the furniture is covered, however, debris can’t settle into your cushions and degrade the quality of your furniture.

Snow and Ice

In some regions of the U.S., winter brings plenty of snow and ice. Winter storms are no joke and can damage your unprotected outdoor furniture. Excess moisture from melting snow and ice can lead to mold, mildew, and warping in your pieces.


It can rain during any time of the year, but some places experience particularly rainy autumns. Uncovered furniture will absorb this moisture and start to wear out over time. Rain significantly shortens the lifespan of your outdoor furniture without proper weather protection.

Custom Covers for Outdoor Furniture: The Perfect Accessories to Winterize Your Space

Custom furniture covers will protect your outdoor pieces from the elements during fall and winter. These covers are specifically made to fit your furniture, so there’s no chance of poorly fitting covers letting moisture and debris in. Choosing the right types of covers to match the weather conditions where you live is important.

Waterproof Covers: Keep Moisture Out

Our waterproof custom covers keep rain, snow, ice, and moisture out of your furniture. You can avoid mold and mildew by using these waterproof covers, which don’t allow water droplets to penetrate the surface. This will keep your pieces safe during various outdoor conditions, including winter storms.

Breathable Custom Furniture Covers

Water-resistant custom covers are breathable and allow water droplets to evaporate through the cover. This is ideal for absorbing excess moisture from your furniture and back into the air. Our custom covers are tailored to fit your pieces so you can get maximum moisture protection all year long.

Secure Your Covers: Ties, Zippers, and More

The closures for your custom covers matter more than you might think. You want your covers to stay secure when wind, ice, rain, and other stormy conditions take over. Our custom cover-ordering process allows you to select the best closures for your furniture covers.

Zippers keep your furniture fully enclosed and safe from the elements. However, zippers alone may not protect against strong winds and storms. That’s where tie-down furniture covers come in handy.

You can order your custom covers with ties that secure the covers to each piece of furniture effectively. This way, you don’t have to worry about your covers blowing away or becoming loose. Make sure you tie the cover tightly as you prepare your outdoor space for fall and winter.

Choose the Colors and Patterns You Like Best

Part of winterizing your outdoor spaces is about matching your desired aesthetic. We have over 12,000 patterns and colors to choose from for custom covers. This means you can decorate your space however you’d like while protecting your outdoor furniture from harsh weather.

Include your furniture’s measurements in the ordering form to ensure your custom cover fits perfectly. Once you’ve measured your furniture, you can select the best colors and patterns for your outdoor space. If we don’t have a specific pattern in stock, we will hand-make that custom cover according to your needs.

Couverture Covers: Prep Your Patio for Cold Weather Today

At Couverture Covers, we create the best custom-fitting covers for your outdoor furniture pieces. We have a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from. Place an order with us today to start winterizing your patio and outdoor entertainment spaces!

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