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Gray furniture cover fabric

Pick Your Fabric

Your choice of fabric for a furniture cover will depend on your outdoor environment and level of use. Couverture offers three types of covers, ensuring that we can meet your needs. All of our covers are made from high-quality, solution-dyed fabrics with a 3-year warranty.


Our lightweight, breathable cover is easy to take on and off for daily use. It protects both your furniture and cushions from UV radiation, moisture, rain and pollutants. It can easily be folded up and stored in the included storage pouch when needed. This is an option with great protection and minimal customer care.


Our hybrid option has a waterproof top for a 100% moisture barrier and breathable sides that allow air to circulate. The hybrid cover is great for environments with a lot of precipitation.

100% Waterproof

Our non-breathable, non-penetrable, heavyweight cover will protect your furniture in harsh climates and weather. This is ideal for storing your furniture for long periods of time. These covers need to be removed from time to time to let the furniture dry out if it has gotten damp or moist.

Different types of fabrics for furniture cover

Pick Your Color

All Couverture covers are available in a wide selection of colors so that you can get your preferred choice.

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